2020 Industry Trends


The Basis of Life Becomes a Speciality

The Speciality Industry reports that speciality water is the top category forecast to grow over the next 5 years. Innovations such as water with added pH levels, electrolytes, and enriched with potassium have already been introduced. Other water varieties to be introduced to cater to specific trends are: protein-enhanced water and a collection of liquid concentrates that can be added to purified water to recreate the iconic profiles of the world’s regional waters.

Forward Foods

Replacing vegetables for traditional carbs is on the rise, driven by the popularity of products like cauliflower crust pizza. New innovative products include broccoli crust pizza, cauliflower tater tots, a new line of dried, milled sprouts that can be used as a powder in baked goods and beverages. Other powder variants include alfalfa, barley, kale and radish amongst others.


Children’s Food, Elevated

As millennials start their own families, they are not only shopping for more kid-friendly categories, but seeking more flavourful, interesting ingredients and spices then those found in typical baby food. This trend is gaining momentum and companies are responding to this unique demand with products such as baby food made with roots, herbs, and spice and refrigerated veggie meals for babies that contain 75% to 90% veggies and beans.

The Future Core Speciality
Food Consumer

Gen-Zs, adults between the ages of 18-24, ranked highest in consumers buying speciality foods in a recent speciality report. They will spend on quality because they are more health and values oriented. This consumer bracket tend to make food choices with health in mind and they emphasize the importance of a company’s values in purchasing decisions. Other factors that drive their speciality purchase decisions include the fact that they scrutinize and discuss their food choices, they choose convenience over scratch cooking which ties into their preference of customising their food.