Chef Lino Sauro Shares The Upcoming Trend

What brings you to the Speciality Food Festival?

I really love the vibe of the Dubai food scene. Having visited the Speciality Food Festival last year, I am curious to come back and discover the latest trends there and how they are moving rapidly.

What will you showcase at the Chef Theater?

I am really proud of my Sicilian and Southern Italian heritage with a focus on sustainable ingredients. For me, fresh seafood is a must! At the Chef Theater, my participation will definitely be all about seafood, or course with a Sicilian touch.


Please share some top food trends?

One major trend we are witnessing is quality Japanese seafood prepared with an intriguing blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours and flair.

How are you adapting/setting the trends?

Our industry is always evolving and changing, so it is vital that we stay abreast of the trends. To achieve this, it is crucial that we keep in constant contact with suppliers and food producers about markets and seasonal trends

What can attendees/visitors expect from the Chef Theater?

The Chef Theater will be a great place for curious minds and friends who want to see the latest trends and techniques in action.